Life After Death Star : The Ultimate Notorious B.I.G Star Wars Mash-up (Audio)

life-after-death-starI remember years back when the Jay Z Black Album dropped everyone went scrambling to get the acapella album to create their own Mash-Up album, there were quite a few that stood out. In my mind I could argue that the “grey” album and the “Latin” album were two of the best ones. (Shout out to my peoples from DarkShadez for that Latin Album).

With the new Star Wars movie right around the corner this was a big surprise to me to see a mash-up with none other than Star Wars and the Notorious B.I.G. Thanks to Urban Jibaro from Sofrito For Your Soul, for tapping me on the shoulder about this album.

So before I talk about what I think of the album from my birds eye view, let me start by saying that I have never seen any Star Wars film and I would like to keep it that way. I always felt there was some notion that because I do web development that I am suppose to be some nerd that watches Star Wars and is into Sci-Fi. I am the total opposite and I refuse to watch any of them so that I don’t propel the notion. So maybe aside from the “theme” itself these beats could have come from anywhere and as long as the source was reputable, I would not question it.

I came in thinking that the album would be very violin-heavy or chords and it’s ok in that nature. the beats are very “New York” hiphop which I find refreshing since hiphop is now all “trap” but without trying to bias you too much here is the album you can listen to and make your own mind about.

so here is the Life After Death Star : The Ultimate Notorious B.I.G Star Wars Mash-up (Audio)