Luis y Jayo

Luis Y Jayo's style of street, reggaeton and romantic reggaeton with easy to relate to lyrics, promises to make an impact on the music industry. Their singles "Mueve Tu Sintura" and "Sin Ti Yo No Soy Nada" speak about the joy and the heartache about being in love. Any parent wouldn't mind their son or daughter listening to.

Luis Garcia and Victor Santiago ( Jayo) met in high school at Stoneman Douglass High in Fort Laurdale, Fl. New to the school, found each other over a flyer they read. The flyer was searching for new talent. Luis being able to sing and Jayo having the ability to rap decided to from a duo calling themselves, Luis y Jayo..."Los Sicarios Del Genero". In 2003, they recorded their first song,"Muve Tu Sintura." Receiving support from family and friends, they went back to record, "Sin Ti Yo No Soy Nada." Luis Y Jayo have been a group for three years. They have a bond that only siblings would understand. "Jayo is like my little brother", "Luis someone I can look up to." Luis y Jayo are unsigned and continue to pursue their dreams of being the group to hit the reggaeton scence. "We are gonna make it and this won't be the last time you hear from us."

They have perfomed numerous amounts of times. Opening for artist such as O.G. Black and Master Joe, Grammy nominated platinum group, Fulanito and Zion y Lennox at 2005, Calle 8.

Luis y Jayo describe their style as street with a passionate side. They want to be respect for their music and hard work. With their good looks and lain charm, Luis' tenor vocals and Jayo's husky flow and feel good lyrics and body grabbing beats. The two are sure to gain the attention of men and women, young or old. While on a quest to stardom, a dream will soon be a destiny full filled.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Ashley Vestal 601-856-7532 or 601-918-8429.

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