DADDY YANKEE: Talento del Barrio: Movie Review

Anyone close to me will feel I’m being biased with this review. Why? Well, I’m really not a Daddy Yankee fan and for reasons unknown, I just don’t get him and his fluff. I understand there’s a market and following for everything and everyone and I respect that. We all have our own taste and pretty much dance to the beat of our own drum. Despite my feelings regarding something or someone, purposes of sharing a nationality or mutually connected through someone will NOT spare me from exposing my feelings/opinions. Therefore, I conclude, just because of who Daddy Yankee is or his links towards some people I personally know doesn’t mean I’m going to kneel and lick his balls like everyone else. Yes, the man’s made a huge success of himself and that’s good for him. Everyone deserves a chance at success and why not ride the wave of anything that’ll get you there. However, when one must make an unbiased call, that would be me. His music may be “the shit,” but when it comes to films… holy shit, this dude has to rethink his cross-over attempt. Watching this film made me realize why I was hired as Continuity/Script Supervisor in a film which just wrapped. If you have no idea what the job entails, GOOGLE it!

This movie is so dumb, awful and stupid that I would walk out on it in a plane. (Serious!) The acting was the worst. This movie tried to be Scarface on every level it could, but back-fired. It made Puerto Ricans seem as either uneducated, drug dealers or users. The leader of this sewage is Daddy Yankee who must have learned his acting from Shaq in Kazam. It appears as if he could not keep his giant head and forehead up. (The movie poster says it all) I also wonder why he was wearing a jacket or coat in the movie and everyone else is in light wear? It was filmed in PR and the weather seemed beautiful. The car chase was the funniest thing considering the cars were only going 45MPH and Daddy Yankee appears or thinks he is going 100MPH. Every scene seemed like he was too overly focused on getting his words out and in order as the script presents it and the flare of natural sense of [being] was close to zero! I wouldn’t recommend this film to the blind or def and I wish I had had someone to warn me on this stomach virus. I usually am very patient and sit through films in hopes something happens, but that was a no-go this time. This was just awful! I know there’s not a lot of good material out there to work and expand the PR film industry and this proves it. It might look a little more “professional” than other films done in PR – thanks to Yankee’s budget – but this is just not worth your time. Go see other PR films (Benico de Toro’s Maldeamores) that might make you FEEL, RELATE and ENJOY because this will make your eyes and ears bleed... BLAH! (I can only hope Calle13 works on his film, only spoofing this one!)

Grade: F.H. (Fucking Horrible)
Genres: Foreign Crime Drama / Latin America/Puerto Rico
Roars: -100 Out of 5

Rating: R
Run Time: 1 Hr. 50 Min

Cast: Daddy Yankee, Maestro, Katiria Soto, Cesar Farrait, Angelica Alcaide, Norma Colon, Norman Santiago, Welmo E. Romero-Joseph, Rey Pirin, Pepe Fuentes

Director: Jose Ivan Santiago

Daddy Yankee: Talento del Barrio is available now for rental (Netflix / Blockbuster), and also on sale wherever DVDs or Blu-Rays are sold.

'Prinz' Lee Romero is a New York City native with Colombian and Puerto Rican roots. For years jumping from job to job, he could no longer suppress his love for film. Having given up contemplating it, he dove into some severe research and ventured out into the world of acting. Following a couple of years of training (The Actors Alliance NYC), auditions, booking jobs – which included bilingual voice-over work, his love of acting not only satisfied a certain desire, but also opened him up to other facets within the film business.