Sinister Spa | A CURE FOR WELLNESS – Review/Interview

Mankind: The Root of All Evil A CURE FOR WELLNESS exposes moviegoers once again to visionary, Academy Award® winning director, Gore Verbiniski. The master mindnipulator behind THE RING returns with a bone-chilling and mind-boggling psychological thriller, starring Dane DeHann as Lockhart, a well-rounded, successful Wall Street executive sent by the board of the firm he […]

ASSASSIN’S CREED | “We were doing it in old school fashion.” – Michael Fassbender

The good, the bad, and the indifferent Well, for starters, other than knowing of it being a game with cool trailers and soundtracks, I was oblivious to everything else. Therefore, I endured and indulged expecting nothing but a deep, dark fantasy. And that’s exactly what it was. Complex narrative towards a unique way of tapping […]

Our Exclusive Interview Con El Poeta Callejero (Spanish)

1. Usted fue criado por sus abuelos correcto? (Yo también) Hay algo mágico ser criados por sus abuelos. Cuéntanos un poco acerca de su infancia?  Así es, fui criado por mis abuelos. Encuentro que fue un privilegio bastante enorme, ya que impregna su sabiduría de tal manera que a los dieciocho años yo tenía la […]